How Canine AcuTouch Works

Canine AcuTouch How Does It Work?

Canine AcuTouch (C.A.T.) is an innovation in canine wellness and health maintenance that optimizes the quality of life for your best friend.  Integrating (3) proven therapies that intersect at “Key Release Points” in the body, C.A.T. harnesses the experience of 1000 years in a single touch.

Very Light Touch

Using a very light touch in a specific sequence (Bowen Therapy), while working along the energy and nerve pathways (Acupoints), and affecting pain and constriction in every muscle, tendon, and ligament of the body (Trigger Point) ~ C.A.T. addresses the source of the issues, not just the symptoms.

Complete Balance

Encouraging complete balance of the Nervous System ~ C.A.T. addresses physical, emotional, mental and physiological issues at their “core”.  Although it only requires a simple and gentle touch, C.A.T. goes so much deeper than it seems.  The body is so intelligent it only takes a small reminder through a neurological “nudge”, so-to-speak, to “re-set” itself to it’s original self-healing capability.

No Placebo Effect

There is no placebo effect with C.A.T.  Animals do not “analyze” whether a therapy works or not.  Dogs wear their internal changes on the “outside”, so the results with C.A.T. are apparent.  As C.A.T. is performed on a regular basis, the internal “memory of balance” is reinforced and retained for a longer period of time with each successive session.

Lizzy paralyzed in the back end . . .

The Benefits of Canine AcuTouch

Canine AcuTouch (C.A.T.) combines (3) Three scientifically proven therapies ~ “AcuPoint Therapy” ~ “Trigger Point Therapy” ~ “Bowen Therapy”.

“Keeping Fido Fit”

C.A.T. safely, gently and naturally addresses – “Mobility Issues, Arthritis, Digestion, Neurological Problems, Skin Conditions, Soft Tissue Trauma, Stress, Inflammation, Anxiety, Fear, Thunderstorm Phobias” and much more.

In addition, Canine AcuTouch . . .

“Fortifies Stamina, Optimizes Performance Levels, Strengthens Immunity, Increases Focus and Attention, Accelerates Recovery after Injury/Surgery, Enhances Quality of Life and Amplifies Agility”