Shared Vision Project

Above & Beyond

Service dogs are trained to endure to go above and beyond for their owners. Because of the demands of their service, these canines experience mental and emotional stress just like humans do.  

What Is C.A.T.

A “Unified Therapy” combining Acupoint, Trigger Point, & Bowen Therapy adapted to canine anatomy.  These three therapies intersect at key release points in the body.  C.A.T.  addresses physical, emotional, mental and physiological issues at their "core". 

Safe, Gentle, Effective

Conditions related to pain response, stress, trauma, anxiety, inflammation, recovery time, and more are addressed by this safe and gentle, yet effective therapy. CAT is a holistic health and wellness program that complements regular veterinary care.

Shared Vision Project

So how does it work?

Introducing C.A.T.

Introducing Canine AcuTouch to some of the “Guide Dogs for the Blind” puppy raisers, trainers, and service dog recipients - the benefits of this therapy have been acknowledged as an asset in the health and welfare of a career service dog.

Please Share

The "Shared Vision Project" creation is my way of honoring our service canine friends.  This gentle, safe & holistic approach helps to address the dogs with their "unseen" challenges.  Join me today in sharing our message.

Raising Awareness

The "Shared Vision Project" is all about raising the awareness of stress in service dogs. Please join me in sharing the message and spreading the word about the "Shared Vision Project".