Baby Rattlesnake Nest

July 10, 2016
Baby Rattlesnake - Warning!
Picking up Sophia at the vet after her treatment

An Excerpt from Judy Musgrove about Sophia being struck by baby rattlesnakes:

While walking on the American Trail Loop in Folsom, Saturday, June 25th, Sophia and I joined up with Margaret and Dexter to walk an additional equestrian trail.  This trail is heavily used – with horses, bikers and other hikers – but towards the end we had to cross over a rock bed to get to the main asphalt trail.

As we were walking across, we did not hear or see any rattlesnakes – we didn’t see anything out of the ordinary – but Sophia stepped down into a hole as she was crossing and stopped and lifted her paw.  My first thought was she had a pebble or a sticker in her paw.  As I bent over to examine the paw – I noticed bleeding – but did not find any pebble or sticker.  Sophia started to take a couple of steps and I saw that she was really having a hard time.

I bent and picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to the bike path.  As I set her down she just laid on her side and closed her eyes.  Margaret and I looked at each other and Margaret voiced the concern of her getting struck by a rattlesnake.  (Now remember, we did not see any nor did we hear any) We knew we couldn’t carry her out of there – so Margaret called her son and asked him to bring the wagon.

Sophia's best bud Maya who is comforting herHe found us and we put Sophia in the wagon – it took us another 15 – 20 minutes to get up to the roadway – where we were picked up by Margaret’s neighbor!  The true emergency began!  We called 3 vets before we found one with the anti-venom – and we were off – to Madison and Manzanita.  VCA Sacramento Veterinary Hospital here we come!   3 anti-venom vials later and 24 hour IV’s and med’s Sophia got to come home!

Barb’s Commentary:

Today, I saw Little Sophia, a 5-year-old Sharpei, after a serious Rattlesnake bite she sustained on June 25th.  Sophia has been a (maintenance) patient of mine since she was only 6 months old, so when she received her Canine AcuTouch treatment today, she completely relaxed within minutes of beginning her session.

Judy (her mom) said that after the Rattlesnake bite, Sophia was rushed to the Vet, where she received 3 vials of anti-venom before her serious diagnosis turned around.  She was kept overnite, then sent home the next day with antibiotics. Mom said that Sophia became sick to her stomach from both the meds and the venom trying to escape her little body.

Sophia's paw is on the mendTo assist Sophia in purging the toxins from her body, Canine AcuTouch was performed (a gentle form of manipulation on the acupoints of the body). I recommended that Sophia continue her Canine AcuTouch sessions, 1 week apart, for an additional 4 treatments.  After this full series of treatments, Canine AcuTouch will have addressed the pain, inflammation, toxicity, and stress that Sophia has been experiencing.

Sophia has overcome other issues in the past with Canine AcuTouch such as: fear, anxiety, a strained muscle (on 2 occasions), and it has helped her build stamina for her and her mom’s very long walks together.

I will update you on her progress as we continue her treatment program.

Conclusion from Judy:

Sophia is definitely on the mend – we are walking again, she is eating like she should – she is actually wanting to play a bit and get’s excited when she see’s those she loves!  In the latest picture, this is her left front paw – her skin (the dead skin) is sloughing off now (a natural thing) and her new skin is forming.  She is still on antibiotics – but she is improving more and more each day!

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