Canine AcuTouch Session Update!

October 22, 2014

Rugby is the little guy with the grey patches.  This was his 4th C.A.T. (Canine AcuTouch) treatment today!  His 1st appointment, Rugby could not run without his knees “popping” out of place.  His mom says that has not happened since his 1st treatment!


Session 5 – Daisy can now put weight on her back left paw and her gait recovery (after sitting for long periods) has improved from several days down to 2 hours. She will now be coming in for “maintenance treatments”.


Canine AcuTouch!

Canine AcuTouch is a series of treatments that help to remind the nervous system what it was like before the initial injury.  They are non-invasive gentle moves that require a 2 minute rest time in between each move.  Why?  Because the nervous system needs time to travel to the brain and let it know that this is how this particular area is supposed to be working!

I know, sounds a bit out there huh?  But think about Acupuncture and Acupressure – they work in a similar way!

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