(Photo Above:  Tucker is a lively, active dog.  You can see in this image how he completely relaxes during the treatment.)

Package Pricing:

A series of 4 weekly sessions

Series of 4 weekly sessions: $395

AlphaDog Lodging Guests: $295

Single Sessions:  

First Treatment – $125

Follow-Up Session – $95





4-Session Packages

The Growing Season

This package focuses on enhancing the immune system (vital to a puppy’s digestive health) as well as strengthening the muscles, tendons, and ligaments for resiliency at play. Overanxious pups will benefit, too.

The Golden Years

Back, hip, and knee issues are among the common ailments of your senior best friend. Arthritis, dysplasia, and other inflammatory conditions are addressed. This package also
instills a renewed sense of energy.

What Lies Beneath

Does your dog experience fear, stress, thunderstorm phobia, or separation anxiety? These conditions are deeply seated in his neurological memory. This package addresses the source of these issues at their core.

Keeping Fido Fit

Is your dog already active, healthy, and fit? Great – Let’s keep her that way! Maintaining flexibility, joint health, and correct alignment keeps your healthy dog fit for life. This package encourages many good years with your bestie.

The Healer Within

Just like humans, canines have a natural ability to self-heal. However, when an injury or surgery happens, this ability is compromised. This package stimulates and accelerates the healing process from within.

Do I Have Your Attention?

Calling all service, performance, and show dogs! Focus, memory, and attention span are necessary for the big jobs these dogs have. This package also increases stamina, speed, flexibility, and career longevity.