Service Dogs – The Shared Vision Project

The Shared Vision Project is about raising awareness of stress in service dogs. Studies show that prolonged stress causes chronic health conditions – such as arthritis, skin problems, and nervous disorders. Stress: That’s the part we don’t see. That’s the invisible invader. Canine AcuTouch helps these dogs address the physical and psychological challenges of a life-long career “in service”. We all know that the people who utilize these dogs consider them not just invaluable, but an important part of their lives. It is about paying-it-forward to those courageous canines whose lives are dedicated to service. The ultimate goal of The Shared Vision Project is to introduce the Canine AcuTouch program to the trainers, handlers, and recipients of service dogs (and their organizations) in the U.S. and beyond. Help us support these canine heros – the silent, brave, and faithful partners who serve.

The Shared Vision Project For Service Dogs