Shared Vision Service Project

September 10, 2014
Guide Dogs For The Blind

Guide Dogs For The Blind

Currently, I am coordinating a project called “Shared Vision”.  It is about raising awareness of stress in service dogs. I am committed to reaching as many service organizations as possible, and calling attention to this very important issue.

Just being aware of the many ways these dogs who  “work for a living” can be better able to cope is essential to their lives, and to the lives of those they serve .  It is about GIVING BACK to those courageous canines who dedicate their lives to service.

Can you imagine…A puppy that is not able to run and play with the others when he sees them having fun? Can’t eliminate when he needs to? Can’t eat when he is hungry? Drink when he is thirsty? Or sleep when he is exhausted? And has to be alert, focused, and at attention for hours at a time?

Now…Imagine a 4-year old child living through this experience.  Because, that is the mental equivalent of a canine.

Given, these dogs are trained to endure – to go above and beyond for their owners.  But it does not mean these dogs do not experience the stress (and related health conditions) that accompany the demands of their career in service. What some do not realize is that dogs, especially service dogs, experience mental and emotional stress, just like humans do.

Click Here to read the entire “For the Love of Dogs: A (Service) Dog’s Life . . .

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