Rugby had floating knee caps that popped out when he ran. He could only walk for 15 minutes and walked with a hunch to his back end. After
Canine AcuTouch, Rugby runs like the wind! He can hop up on the couch now, and his knees have not popped out since his first session! -Brenda B.


I took Huey in for a catch in his neck. He would scream when he tried to turn or lift his head. After the first Canine AcuTouch session, he does not cry or scream anymore! He can move his head all around, and his sitter says he smiles all the time now! We are so happy! -Loren S.


Lizzie had an accident at the groomers. After a few days, she was dragging her back end. I brought her in, and in 3 sessions she was walking normally! After the 5th session, Lizzie is back to her old self! She jumps up for her treats on her hind legs! Thanks, Barb! -Pat B.


Charlie had a previous injury to his right rear paw several weeks ago. Though the paw had healed, he would only walk on 3 legs. Barbara worked on him and half way through the session, Charlie was walking on all 4’s! I couldn’t believe it! His normal gait returned within minutes! -Cynthia M.


Sasha (male) is 14 years old, walks slowly, and is grumpy much of the time. He’s really showing his years. But after a Canine AcuTouch session, Sasha acts like a puppy again! I can’t explain it... I only know that the Canine AcuTouch keeps him young - we will continue with maintenance sessions. -Andre’ L.