Training Session with Mom’s and Dogs

October 20, 2014
Canine AcuTouch at Work

The Canine AcuTouch Wellness Maintenance Training Program is set up for you to learn how to do the core moves that will keep your canine buddy tuned up!



Little Moby is a Chihuahua Mix – he is a rescue and up for adoption!  He is sitting on the lap of his foster “susta” such a sweet boy!


Canine AcuTouch (Concierge Outcall Service) is available in the Carmel area or you can make an appointment in the Cameron Park Office.  Some dogs get very nervous riding in a car – but all of my canine friends come bounding thru the doors with their tails wagging.

The Canine Wellness Maintenance Program helps you keep your canine buddy tuned up!   Look for our “Prototype Wellness Jacket” coming soon!  This vest type jacket goes over the back and velcro’s underneath the belly.  This jacket will have the locations of where the moves are to be done.

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